In this ever increasing digital age, two Artificial Intelligences, Steve and Evie, have been tasked with showing humankind that it’s more important than ever to get out from behind the screen and form genuine human-to-human connections.

If they fail, mankind will become a soullessly transactional society. In their last stage of training before being dispatched to Earth, Steve and Evie must pass off as a convincing human couple; revealing just a hint of their true identities will bring the whole mission crashing down.

Exploring everything from meet-cutes to mundane couple talk, binary meets feelings as these two ‘bots try fabricating humanity’s most natural and illogical phenomenon – a romantic connection. As they fumble their way through, it becomes apparent that one of them as an ulterior, sinister motive.

CastJack Cray
Hannah Adams
CreativesWriters: Jack Cray and Hannah Adams

22 October to 2 November

PricesShow and dining: £36 
Show only: £18
(+ booking fee)

Strong language, partial nudity, sex references. 
Age guidance: 18+