Welcome to Madame Monique Mystique’s Cabaret Seance.
Accompanied on the piano by her spirit guide Monsieur Cadavre, and with the aid of spirits, zombies, witches and everything etheric in between, Madame Mystique will channel a medley of spine-tingling showtunes and autobiographical spiritic stories.
A performance woven with the otherworldly sounds of mysterious musical instruments  and administered with her unique potion of humour and horror,  as she recounts a childhood fascination with the paranormal.
Join us on a journey of music and storytelling  beyond that thin veil which separates  the Seen from the Unseen, the Ordinary from the Extraordinary,  the Natural from the Supernatural.
“Salvi is endearing, funny, and sexy, inviting her audience into the darkness with her, always with a wink and a clever costume change.”  
Theater in the Now, New York
Cast Monica Salvi
Michael Ferreri
Creatives Director: Clare McKenna
Lighting: Benjamin Vetluzhskikh
Dates 27, 31 October at 7.30pm, 3 November at 6.00pm
Show only: £20 (£16 concessions) 
Show and dining:  £39 (£35 concessions) 

(+ booking fee)

Warnings Death, afterlife