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Thief by Liam Rudden: 22-25 May

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Hard-hitting play Thief, by Liam Rudden, comes to Drury Lane theatre space for four intimate boutique performances. Sailor thrives in the bars, dives and doss-houses of squalid ports. Look, you will see him. Sailor lives for robbery, imprisonment and expulsion. Be his victim. Sailor’s ‘virtues’ are simple: rent, theft, and betrayal. Join him.

Following its award-winning premiere at the Brighton Fringe in 2014, where it won Best Theatrical Performance Award, and an award-winning appearance on New York’s Broadway, Thief returns to London and in the city’s newest pub theatre.

A play inspired by the vagabond playwright Jean Genet, Thief is dark, challenging and not for the easily offended. Written and directed by Liam Rudden, this tenth anniversary production sees acclaimed actor Lee Fanning (Neds, Contagion, Under The Skin, The Angel’s Share) return to the role of Sailor.

Best Theatrical Performance Award, Brighton Fringe 2014
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CastLee Fanning

Directed by Liam Rudden for Stageworks East West Ltd


22-25 May at 8pm

PricesShow and dining: £36
Show only: £18

Nudity and adult situations

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