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Marry Me a Little: 28 Feb – 13 Apr

The Stage Door Theatre is proud to announce its opening production will be Marry Me a Little, a musical with lyrics and music by Stephen Sondheim, conceived by Craig Lucas and Norman René.

The revue sets songs cut from Sondheim’s better-known musicals, as well as songs from his then-unproduced musical Saturday Night, to a dialogue-free plot about the relationship between two lonely New York single people, who are in emotional conflict during an evening in their separate one-room apartments.

Despite knowing of the other’s existence, they never get up the courage to talk to each other, though they imagine what such an encounter might be like.

CreativesRobert McWhir – director
Aaron Clingham – musical director
David Shields – designer
Lighting – Richard Lambert
Producer – LAMBCO Productions
Kevin Wilson PR
Dates28 February to 13 April
Running time65 minutes 
PricesShow and dining: £36
Show only: £18
Conceived and developed by CRAIG LUCAS & NORMAN RENE

Produced Off-Broadway by Diane de Mailly in association with William B. Young

Originally Produced by the Production Company

Presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International

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