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Fair Shake: 11 June

A funky, 80s musical that follows one man’s journey to escape the elite and save people’s lives – but not everyone needs a man to save them and not everyone can be saved.

After Damien Chalmers finds out that his father is not the man he thought he was, he flees to London. 

He meets Annette and Frances, the named partners of Sutherland Brooks, a small claims advisory firm fighting for women who have been wronged.

They take Damien in and he joins the team. But with a horrible landlord, drugged up housemates and a P.I. hunting him down, he soon finds that life out from under his father’s thumb is more complicated than he realised.

Damien: George Russell
Annette: Alex Webster
Frances: Taylor Quinnell
Leslie: Harry Osborne
Roy: Will Byrne
Audrey: Gaby Coleman
Florence: Keegan Carr
The P.I.: Renan Teodoro
Chalmers: Thomas Stansfield
CreativesStory, Music and Lyrics by John-Michael Mahoney
Book by Gaby Coleman
Musical Direction: Angelo Deller-Tsocos
Director: Gaby Coleman
Producer: DMIII Productions Ltd
DatesTuesday 11 June 2024 at 7.30pm
PricesShow and dining: £39.50
Show only: £20
(+ booking fee)
Running time2 hours
WarningsStrong language, depictions of substance abuse, mention of sexual harassment and suicide

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