Current productions

The Tailor-Made Man: 9 May – 31 July

What dark secrets and ruthless machinations led to the abrupt downfall of Hollywood’s golden boy? Uncover the scandalous truth behind the curtain of fame and fortune as we delve into the enigmatic tale of William Haines’ rise and fall.

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Next productions

Lost at Sea – A Life Below Deck: 2 Aug

Working on cruise ships might seem glamorous. But nights at sea can leave you feeling a little lost sometimes and lead to bad choices, dangerous blood alcohol levels, and feverishly hilarious tendencies when confined for too long in a cell-sized cabin.

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Slices of Life: 7-10 Aug

A double bill of autobiographical plays. In DM we meet a young man at the start of his adult life, full of expectations. Start a family? How do you even find a girlfriend?

Roy’s Story tells of a 70-year-old single gay man who has navigated many challenges of life through times of disapproval.

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The Story of My Life: 4 Sept – 19 Oct

Two lifelong friends are reunited after Alvin’s mysterious death. In the abstract world of his mind, Thomas struggles to write Alvin’s eulogy while recounting the many turns that their lives have taken since meeting as children.

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Past productions

Fair Shake: 11 June

A funky, 80s musical that follows one man’s journey to escape the elite and save people’s lives – but not everyone needs a man to save them and not everyone can be saved.

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Thief by Liam Rudden: 22-25 May

Sailor thrives in the bars, dives and doss-houses of squalid ports. Look, you will see him. Sailor lives for robbery, imprisonment and expulsion. Be his victim. Sailor’s ‘virtues’ are simple: rent, theft, and betrayal. Join him.

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