In the dazzling Hollywood of 1930, William Haines soared to unprecedented heights as the unrivaled No. 1 box office sensation, eclipsing even the legendary Greta Garbo.

A meteoric rise that left the world in awe, but the glitz and glamour quickly turned to ashes when the powerful Louis B. Mayer made a shocking move – firing Haines and erasing his cinematic legacy from the silver screen just three short years later.

The tantalizing question lingers: what dark secrets and ruthless machinations led to the abrupt downfall of Hollywood’s golden boy?

Uncover the scandalous truth behind the curtain of fame and fortune as we delve into the enigmatic tale of William Haines’ rise, fall, and the untold drama that unfolded behind the scenes.


Hugo Pilcher (William ‘Billy’ Haines)
Gwithian Evans (Jimmie Shields)
Peter Rae (Howard Strickling)
Dereck Walker (Louis B. Mayer)
Shelley Rivers (Marion Davies)
Olivia Ruggerio (Carole Lompard/Pola Negri)


Director: Robert McWhir
Designer: David Shields
Written by: Claudio Macor


9 May – 31 July


Show and dining: £41
Show only: £22
(+ booking fee)

Running time1 hour 55 minutes including interval