Stage Door Theatre given OneOff special award

#ONEOFF to Stage Door Theatre – to celebrate the imagination and hard work of Richard Lambert and Lambco Productions @lambco_prods in turning the room above the Prince of Wales pub on Drury Lane into a new and thriving Off West End pub theatre venue.

Lost at Sea – A Life Below Deck: 2 Aug

Working on cruise ships might seem glamorous. But nights at sea can leave you feeling a little lost sometimes and lead to bad choices, dangerous blood alcohol levels, and feverishly hilarious tendencies when confined for too long in a cell-sized cabin.

Slices of Life: 7-10 Aug

A double bill of autobiographical plays. In DM we meet a young man at the start of his adult life, full of expectations. Start a family? How do you even find a girlfriend?

Roy’s Story tells of a 70-year-old single gay man who has navigated many challenges of life through times of disapproval.

I Ran with the Gang: 13-17 Aug

I Ran With The Gang, the 2014-2018 smash-hit sell-out show telling the story of the original Bay City Roller, Alan Longmuir, makes its London debut.

Four OFFIES nominations for Marry Me a Little

The hit show Marry Me a Little, Stage Door Theatre’s first full show, has garnered no less than four award nominations in the 2024 OFFIES. The nominations are: Aaron Clingham – Musical Direction LAMBCO Productions – Musical Production Shelley Rivers – Lead Performance in a Musical Markus Sodergren – Lead Performance in a Musical

The Tailor-Made Man: 9 May – 31 July

What dark secrets and ruthless machinations led to the abrupt downfall of Hollywood’s golden boy? Uncover the scandalous truth behind the curtain of fame and fortune as we delve into the enigmatic tale of William Haines’ rise and fall.

Sauna Boy: 29 May–1 June

A semi-autobiographical look behind the curtain of one of the world’s most secretive and seductive industries.

Fair Shake: 11 June

A funky, 80s musical that follows one man’s journey to escape the elite and save people’s lives – but not everyone needs a man to save them and not everyone can be saved.